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We at KANDLA LOGISTICS Pvt. Ltd., are pledged to act as a genuine Custom Clearing Agent for our clients. India is a developing economy & Foreign Trade is the biggest boost, this we understand and mean it.

We are committed to do our share by performing our duties with sincerity, quality speed and accuracy...

Custom Clearance of Export & Import cargo by Sea

Kandla Logistics Pvt. Ltd. takes care of your shipments and assure for getting the shipments cleared smoothly and in within stipulated period of time, so that it can reach to your clients and to you at your door steps.

We believe that Custom clearance is the most important and critical part in Export & Import business, where in you need to put your trust and rely upon a company experienced to solve and move things as per your needs.

International Freight Forwarding

Kandla Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is also engaged in Ocean Freight Forwarding service. Ocean Freight is a portion where in one can give effect to their margins by having competitive and good rates.

Verification of DEPB / DFIA Licenses / Duty Drawback Clearance

Kandla Logistics Pvt. Ltd. also provide extra services for getting verification & registration of DEPB / DFIA license in a very smooth way. Also helps out for getting the Duty Drawback in a particular time after shipment is affected without any delay which help out for utilization of funds.

Transportation Arrangements & Warehousing

Kandla Logistics Pvt. Ltd. also provide and fulfill the need of movement of cargo from origin to destination.  We arrange logistics for your inland domestic transportation needs for delivering cargo locally with economical rates which brings cost effective solutions.

We are engaged in getting the warehousing facility for storage of cargo, in which there is minimum losses to cargo while handling during shipment period.

Speedy movement

Kandla Logistics Pvt. Ltd. assure you for getting the speedy movement of your shipments for Export by coordination where ever it is required without any kind of mishaps taking place. As all the services are taken place under One Roof which costs  Minimum for Maximum.  

Our Work

Kandla Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is looking forward to be in service industry where in one is looking for the  appropriate service provider. As we need to do business in this changing world we have developed into a leading and upcoming in this industry in very short span of time. As we have vast experience and our team is managed by professionals who are having decade of experience in Clereance and Freight Forwarding business.

As Kandla Logistics Pvt. Ltd. deals with any operation entrusted, there is vital role played by whole team taking responsibility and understanding the need and importance of shipments for our principles. We provide all the information, progress, timetables, deadlines etc. of a given service.

We believe that the nature of this system as it is multi layered needs to be protected which are essential and important for our principles.


We are committed for meeting the expectations of our principles providing advanced technical and managerial skills with the highest levels of professional integrity. The quality of our services is the reason for our collective success. Each personal is committed for contributing to this overall success.


Our policy is to satisfy on each and every service we are rendering and is given for execution, through the careful management of our work processes, with due attention to value creation through scope, schedule, cost control, and with emphasis on safety and the environment.


We believe, the reporting system plays very important role in this industry which needs to be provided. We have developed reporting system for each n every shipments which are to be effected through us which start from first step till the completion of the said shipments. Thus,  through our reporting system our principles are always kept updated with the position of their shipments and consignments.